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Thanks to Brendon Beard from Kerang Technical High School for pointing out the following: In Q13 of multiple choice section A, the wave speed is 18 m/s, but the measurements on the wave graph are in cm.  So that makes the wavelength 0.06 and not 6. Frequency is therefore 18/0.06 or 300Hz.  The answer should be C.

Thanks to Philip Noonan for pointing out the following mistakes. In Section B, Q8c The itute solution, 1.04E06 J, appears to express the answer as the area under the graph, alone. Possibly considering the graph as gravitational force (not field) vs distance. Q19a the itute solution does not appear to go and identify the specific energy transition in the atom. That is, either state n=4 to n=3, (and/or mark it on a diagram) as asked in the question.

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