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Thanks to Michael Xu of Minaret College for checking and correcting mistakes.

Thanks to John Kermond for pointing out the following errors. These errors are a consequence of errors in the actual question:
1) A multiple choice question with no correct answer (Section A Q4).
2) A defective multiple choice question for which no answer can be calculated (Section A Q19)
3) A question that required students to make an unjustified and potentially dubious assumption, confusing some students (Section B Q6 part (f)).

In particular, Section A Q19:

A confidence interval gives an estimated range of values which is likely to include an unknown population parameter. It is based on a given set of sample data.
The question does not give the sample mean. In fact, the question seems to be suggesting that a confidence interval for a sample mean based on the population mean should be calculated.
Furthermore, the question enables the population mean to be exactly calculated, which makes finding a confidence interval for the population mean pointless, assuming the sample mean was given and such a calculation able to be performed.



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